Norsk Hydro has been installing multilateral wells for 10 years. By the end of March 2006, a total of 64 multilateral junctions were installed. The vast majority have been sealed TAML level 5 junctions constructed from floating vessels, primarily on the Troll West field. Hydro identified early multilateral wells as a key technology to enhance the oil recovery from the Troll West field. In 1995, a multilateral technology vendor was selected as supplier of multilateral systems. The close cooperation between Hydro and the multilateral technology vendor has been the key to the development of new multilateral systems and system variants to meet new requirements for the implementation of this emerging technology.

This paper will briefly describe the development of the FlexRite® system and the subsequent variants like FlexRite® Intelligent Completion Interface and ReFlexRite®. Field operations involving these systems will be discussed, and the use of multilateral wells on Troll West will be presented in some detail with respect to; statistics for junctions installed by March 2006, presentation of example wells and economic effects from the use of multilateral wells.

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