Due to the large potential reserves, increased global demand for oil and high oil price, exploration & development in deepwater and more challenging areas around the world have become a key target for the majority of oil and gas Exploration and Production Companies. Development activities in the deepwater face significant challenges. Of particular concern are the effects of produced fluid hydrocarbon solids (i.e. asphaltene, wax, and hydrates) precipitation and their potential to disrupt production due to deposition in the near-wellbore regions and production tubulars. Besides hydrocarbon solids, other production hindrance elements include wellbore fluid loading, fluid slugging, inorganics, corrosion, erosion and emulsions. All these elements adversely affect production assurance in deepwater systems and are key risk factors in assessing deepwater developments. The production assurance risk factor can create game-changing impact on field development planning, especially, when dealing with marginal deposits having variable fluid characteristics.

In this paper, we will review and provide a synopsis of some of these production hindrance elements. Consequently, we will discuss how some of these elements can affect the field development planning by utilizing a field example.

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