Reservoir simulation is widely used to solve research problems as well as actual field problems. This is due to the limitation of analytical solutions to deal with the heterogeneity of the reservoirs and non-linearity of the diffusivity equations (i.e., for gases, properties changing with pressure). Another reason is its ability to be used in predictive methods for reservoir management purposes. The advancement of computer hardware and software technology and development of numerical solution methods have been also the factor for the increased use of reservoir simulation in petroleum industry.

Complex reservoir problems usually need a large and complex computer program. However, in some cases, a fairly small and simple computer program is enough to adequately model reservoir conditions. The main problems in using commercial simulators are grid system especially for hydraulic fracture well, dealing with the complex menus for each data component, and the time required entering the production history.

In this study, we present the fully automatic webpage simulator which has the following abilities 1) automatic gridding for single or double porosity reservoirs, 2) automatic gridding for hydraulic fractures, 3) linking to the company database in calling the production history and running predictions, and 4) design to be easy in using. The first version illustrated in this paper is already tested and used by El Paso Production Company for modeling single gas wells. The well design menus for this simulator allow users to do simulation for single well with just a few mouse clicks without spending much time in entering any data due to this simulator have the ability to load the data from the database.

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