Formation damage resulting from invasion of solid suspensions have been studied by several investigators and some modeling approaches have also been reported in the literature, most notably the application of effective medium theory and percolation theory in two and three-dimensional capillary networks.

This paper presents a new model, which is based on mass balance transfer function of particles flowing through the porous media. The linear forms of the model are described as well as the radial forms. Although the differential equations derived are similar to the general form of diffusion-convection equations, the marked difference is the suitability of the model, for being applied for variation of parameters, such as particle concentration in the fluid, injection rate, density of solid particles, against the depth and time of invasion. This transfer function is solved by MATLAB program (Version 5.3.2) and SIMULINK software. The results of the simulation run agree reasonably well with the experimental damage data obtained in laboratory.

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