Heuristic technique may be called as an "intelligent guess", which reduces the search for the right answer of a usually complex problem. Such techniques are aimed to dramatically reduce the time required to solve a problem. This paper examined the Productivity Potential Map (PPM) technique as a heuristic approach tool in assisting the reservoir engineer to choose optimum well locations for field development planning. Eleven well locations were selected using PPM technique and compared with the same number of wells located using conventional STOIIP based methodology.

The exercise used information from six vertical wells in Field A, Otter Sandstone Formation (Sherwood Group). It is a discontinuous fluvial system with highly variable permeability patterns which poses a significant challenge for selecting well targets.

A comparison of simulated flow performance showed that well locations selected using PPM technique exhibied consistently better performance and minimum variance. STOIIP and PPM techniques resulted in two totally different templates for the selection of well locations. PPM technique was coherent with the expected geological trend of the area than the trend showed by the STOIIP technique.

The exercise showed that the PPM technique is a valuable method in delineating reservoir regions with favourable production potential for well placement, especially in complex sedimentary environments.

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