This paper reports the results of a 5-year effort to improve and enhance field-wide conformance. The developments on data analysis, reservoir and production engineering, and solutions in these mature units have provided the opportunity to make major impacts on recovery and production rates, operation enhancements, and cost reductions. The term "conformance" used in the context of this paper is given to mean "to influence the fluid flow that occurs in a petroleum reservoir." If we can gain influence over the action of formation fluids and introduced fluids and gases, we may have the power to bring more hydrocarbons to the surface and leave more undesirable fluids in the reservoir.

In 1999, a team was formed to solve field-wide conformance problems in a San Andres (dolomite) unit of the Slaughter Field, Hockley Co., Texas. The team's visualized goal was to improve unit economics by increasing oil production and decreasing production costs, using a better understanding of fluid movement through the project reservoir. The team was made up of both operating and service company personnel to accomplish the required data analysis, engineering, and solution designs that were required.

The original strategy was to form a full-functioning reservoir conformance team to identify, quantify, and fully describe field conformance problems. Focusing on the total reservoir, they developed a framework of data required to design a successful conformance solution. This data framework includes information of the reservoir, completion design, drilling and workover history, production and well-test history, logs and diagnostic analysis, and placement options. The framework also served as a tool to identify what data was lacking. An optimum conformance solution design was the team's vision.

This follow-up report based on the ongoing work over the past 5 years demonstrates the functionality of the methods and techniques used with a performance evaluation for defining successes thorough a review of the operator's economic drivers for sweep improvement, reduction of CO2, and water cycling-breakthroughs.

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