Traditional petrophysical well evaluation, is able to show an integrated analysis where the log information is transformed into a lithology, water, oil, gas saturation curves, along a specific interval of a well. This method, is not able to predict how much the production of those intervals could be, when completed.

With this new methodology the same approach is used, but magnetic resonance and pressure data, is integrated.

As magnetic resonance, allows the discrimination among irreducible and moveable fluid saturation and also indicating the better permeability zones, it is used as a guide for the point selection for the modular dynamic formation tester. Based on this data set, the pressure, a skin factor is determined and the relative permeability to the reservoir fluid, is defined.

In low resistivity reservoirs, were the traditional calculation could show high water saturation, the new technology will allow the engineer to discriminate if the water is going to flow or not, maximizing the reservoir potential.

Having defined the lithology, pressure, permeability, fluids distribution and fluids saturation a synthetic production flow profile log, can be generated for each selected interval, allowing an optimized selection of the best possible intervals or overlooked zones, maximizing the final production of the well.

In conclusion, new technology and power full computer calculation have a big impact in the well completion and production maximization of reservoirs.

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