This paper describes a variety of Coiled Tubing perforating approaches and techniques which have been evaluated, planned and implemented during the development of the Cusiana and Cupiagua Fields. A synopsis has also been prepared which outlines the advantages/disadvantages of each of these approaches. In addition, several detailed case-histories are included which provide the actual Operating characteristics of each approach.

The particular operational advantages, of Coiled Tubing Perforating, for Cusiana and Cupiagua have also been summarized. These include, the long intervals, deep wells, complex well trajectories, large gun-size, pre-frac requirements and poorly understood pore-pressures. An assessment has also been made of the additional benefits, IOR, cost savings, etc. that these techniques have potentially provided.

Finally, there is some discussion as to the future direction of Coiled Tubing perforating for the Cusiana and Cupiagua Fields. Issues include a clearer definition of the Opportunities/Requirements and the additional Techniques/Systems which will be necessary to allow these to be realized.

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