The Mora Field is located 60 kilometers from Villahermosa Tabasco in the southern region of Mexico. A project of self-sufficient system for continuous gas lift in a very harmful sour gas environment was performed. The gas lift infrastructure is not going to be installed in a short time due to many problems such as logistic issues.

The self-sufficient system separates the gas from the liquid. Then, it is compressed and injected into the well, similar to an artificial gas lift. This system uses special coiled tubing for sour gas handling. In addition, a continuous chemical inhibitor is injected to protect both the tubing and the coiled tubing from either cracking failure or corrosion, (because the H2S and CO2 content in the mixture is too high).

The goal of this work is twofold: (1) present a facility design and (2) present a process to choose the equipment for this particular application based on the well productivity. Because the probability of both cracking and corrosion is high, sizing the equipment and selecting the appropriate material are special issues for the success of this application.

Based on this pilot test, a major project is being implemented to install this system in those fields with high content of sour gas and without gas lift infrastructure.

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