Conoco's journey towards sustainability began in earnest about 2 years ago as an "incremental" effort to bring increased awareness of environmental and community responsibility to existing operations. Since then however, the company has evolved to a much richer understanding of sustainable development and its potential. Sustainable development is now considered a strategic framework for long-term business success with the potential to shape the company's direction and is the foundation for Conoco's vision of achieving sustainable business growth. Committing to financial excellence, environmental stewardship and broad, ongoing contributions to social development earns Conoco its license to operate and allows us to embrace new, value creating opportunities by leveraging our capabilities to bring sustainable solutions to our customers and stakeholders. In short, our commitment to sustainable development is seen as a fundamental prerequisite for Conoco's survival and success in the new century.

Like many companies that have embraced the concept of sustainable development, Conoco is now embarking on the challenge of translating that vision of economic, environmental and social sustainability into the reality of tangible value creation and sustainable growth. Strategic sustainability integration represents a shift in mindset away from traditional regulatory compliance, risk abatement, and cost control into the realm of opportunity identification. The purpose of this paper is to discuss Conoco's experience with strategic sustainability integration in its operations from around the world. Examples will describe community development efforts in Nigeria, the positive environmental impact of a natural gas project in Syria, as well as an integrated approach to extra-heavy oil development the environmentally sensitive Orinoco Oil Belt of Venezuela. These and other efforts represent the beginning of Conoco's journey towards strategic sustainability and total economic, social, and environmental value creation.

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