Permanent downhole monitoring can provide valuable information for production decisions without requiring well intervention to gather data. A permanet monitoring system can be integrated with an intelligent completion system taking advange of the downhole infrastructure and may improve reservoir management.

Greater reliability, higher temperature ratings, lower costs, a wide range of sensor types, and efficient data management and analysis allow operators to exploit the technology and extract more value from production data. Recent advances have yielded smaller, less-expensive, and more-reliable systems with higher temperature and pressure ratings. Knowledge of the reservoir is updated and used continuously to optimize field development throughout the life of the reservoir.

Permanent continuous downhole sensors are becoming more accurate and reliable. High-temperature operation and long-term reliability of permanent-downhole-monitoring systems improved with the use of sensors that do not require downhole electronics with novel data acquisition options like cases mentioned in this paper.

This paper shows examples of permanent downhole monitoring applied to artificial-lift, sand control, cementing and fracturing operations, observation wells and reservoir management applications.

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