Actually in oil production facilities of Mexico one of de main problems is the wet sour gas transport through long distances (about 125 miles) to gas processing plants of similar way sweet dry gas used for platform fuel and gas lift is transported too trough long distances. This paper proposes processing schemes of wet sour gas and sweet dry gas close to oil production facilities to avoid the problems in the gas transport such as generating multiphase flow, gas condensation in pipelines, high pressure drops, more frequent pigging, high corrosion rates and obtain revenue generation and added value with recovery LPG and pentane plus. Using these methods we will obtain much better results than before. These strategies provide a better way of saving energy, better oil production facilities and environmental protection. All of these benefits are in addition to the obvious increased economics benefits from trading more products. Although these schemes seem will be new in oil production facilities of Mexico they are being used by other international oil companies under similar conditions. The schemes proposed in this paper are applicable to actual and future oil production facilities of Mexico where it is handling and transporting gas. This paper introduces in oil production facilities of Mexico schemes for handling, treatment and gas transportation. These Strategies will contribute to resolving the actual problems from handling transport multiphase flow.

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