The new fields under development are situated in the Gulf of Campeche (Mexico) approximately 77 kms from Maritime Terminal of Dos Bocas, in water depths ranging from 0 to 40 mts, the main objective of these projects is to increase the gas production in the fields operated by PEMEX-Exploration & Production (PEP). It is proposed to perform processing the produced hydrocarbons mixture on an offshore platform to obtain transportable oil and gas streams, which are injected into separate pipelines. The processing scheme developed includes multistage separation and gas compression. The analysis of the processing scheme shows that the separated gas produced is rich in liquefiable components; therefore it must undergo condensate recovery. Cooling the gas to condense liquids carries out condensate removal. Gas cooling is performed by a refrigeration plant, which uses the propane as working fluid. Condensate produced is injected into the oil pipeline. Crude oil stabilization is performed onshore. The proposed system has several advantages over those that have been traditionally used in the installations operated by PEP. The production scheme proposed maximizes oil production and decreases compressor power requirements. Simultaneously, problems such as undesirable flow pattern in pipelines (slug and plug flow) and the presence of corrosive fluids (sour wet fluids) in pipelines are solved in the production scheme developed in the present paper.

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