The manuscript will outline limited entry design techniques for the simultaneous fracture stimulation of the Fruitland Coal and Pictured Cliffs sandstone in the T28N - R7W Federal Unit of the San Juan basin, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. The discussion will focus on the initial perforation design, stimulation parameters, flowback and post audit analysis. Brief discussion on operational issues and cost savings resulting from these techniques will be presented.

Geologically, the Fruitland Coal above the Pictured Cliffs formation may be separated by as little as three feet of shale in the T28N - R7W Federal Unit. It is possible when stimulating the lower formation that the shale is not a ‘fracture barrier’ and communication with the upper formation, the Fruitland Coal, can be established. In these cases, because of zonal communication, reserves from the Fruitland Coal cannot be accessed.

Utilizing limited entry techniques and incorporating stress and leakoff data from offset wells, both formations have simultaneously been fracture stimulated effectively. This methodology allows accessing reserves in the Fruitland Coal that may otherwise not be produced. Radioactive tracer and production logs will be presented as supporting evidence to validate the successful well completion design and stimulation of both formations. Subsequent completion design changes resulting from the log review will be discussed.

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