Environmental constrains on disposals of cutting and drilling fluids have precluded the use of oil base mud (OBM), in addition drilling with OBM can introduce a contaminant into the reservoir. Alternative or synthetic fluids have been developed with many of beneficial properties of inverted emulsion which offer advantages beyond the fact that they are environmentally accepted. In this experimental research emphasis is given to the results of the efficiency of a new water base system, which include the use of a new shale stabilizer additive.

Anionic polymers were studied and synthesized of type anionic (ionizable groups with negative charge. It is described the synthesis of homopolymers of acrylic acid (PAA) with differen conditions of synthesis, homopolymers of AA and Dialildimetilammoniumchloride (DADMAC).

The characterization phase involves the molecular weights and viscosities determination for homopolymers AA and molecular weights by an alternate method for copolymers of AA-DADMAC, use of I.R. spectroscopy for the structure elucidation.

To prove the efficiency of the system were developed CIC test, swelling and dispersion test (by using cores from the Gulf of Mexico basin), rheology HPHT, filtration tests, TSC, lubricity.

The results of the describe experiments involved in the hydration of shale. Experimental details and results will be presented.

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