Orifice plate technology represents one of the most accepted and versatile methods for measuring flow; however, to achieve the full performance of this technology, a considerable amount of details must be attended to. This paper describes the development and the applications of a computer program denominated ANAGAS 2000, which allows in quick and reliable form to analyze or select an orifice metering system. Their use helps to identify operative problems, and to define quickly what a modifications it is necessary to carry out to optimize the operation of these metering systems Among other options, it can be used for the following purposes: (1) to calculate the flow rate delivered with a meter in operation; (2) to determine the maximun and minimun flow rate that can be handled with a meter tube installed, using different orifice plate bore diameters and pressure ranges of a mechanical chart recorder; (3) to define the physical arrangement that must have an orifice metering system to install, to quantify a well-known flow rate fulfilling the applicable recommendations strictly. The computer program was developed with base in the rigorous procedure that the latest editions of the API and the AGA recommend to calculate the gas flow rate measured with orifice plate, and considering also the applicable recommendations for its operation.

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