Gas lift is a feasible option as an artificial lift system in a depleted field. In the Bellota field there is no substructure means to install any type of artificial lift system, therefore the use of nitrogen as a gas lift source is necessary to keep the Bellota wells producing. After evaluating different options we implemented a nitrogen generated in situ project using the membrane technology.

This paper analyzed the gas lift process design by using nodal analysis and optimum allocation of nitrogen in each well. Special emphasis and consideration was given to this project from an economical, operational, technical and environmental points of view. It is olso compares this option with differents alternatives including the traditional gas lift method using natural gas as a source as well as the use of stored nitrogen from storage trucks (Tanks). Our evaluation of results obtained from the different options investigated in this study clearly indicates that this method is a good option in this particular situation.

Nitrogen injection generated in situ with membrane technology can be a feasible and profitable alternate source of gas lift as shown in this study.

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