When the natural energy of a reservoir is not enough in order to elevate the oil to the surface, it is necessary to use an artificial lift system that supply the additional energy required to continue the exploitation of the reservoir. Likewise, the artificial lift system is installed to increment the production in flowing wells. This is achieved by the energy that is added to fluids in the bottom of the well.

The hydraulic pumping, is an artificial lift system that transmits energy in the bottom of the well by a power fluid that flow through a pump.

There are two types of hydraulic pumping; the denominated piston type, that consists in a pair of reciprocating pistons, where one of them is driven by the power fluid and the other pumping the well fluids. And the hydraulic pumping jet type, which converts the pressurized power fluid to a high velocity jet that is mixed directly with the well fluids.

A description is presented and the result reached in a pilot test of hydraulic jet pump, effected in the Balam 91 well of the Ek-Balam field.

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