An enhanced recovery process suited to a hydrocarbon reservoir containing extreme quality crude oil is presented in the case history. At the initial pressure and temperature conditions (pi=169 bars and ti= 92 °C), the oil reservoir volume factor is: Boi=3.94 m3/m3, the dissolved gas content: Rsi=712 m3/m3 and the specific gravity of the crude only ρ =0.728 t/m3 (63 API).

The reservoir has been produced since 1984 and Eo= 37 % recovery has been reached, while the pressure has declined only by 5 % because of the active water drive. The further production strategy was elaborated with a 3-D, full field composition simulator by an integrated team between 1996-98.

The forecast calculations show that Eo=48 % final recovery can be reached for the individual components in the reservoir with strong water drive. For further recovery enhancement, the best dissolved - both from technological and technical aspects - seemed to be a dry gas injection process which would cause 10-13% additional recovery in the C3-C6 components of the crude oil.

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