Gas Fracturing, an oil/gas well stimulation technology by means of powder and/or propellant inflamming in wells to create multiple radial fractures in the vicinity of well-bore and hence to enhance the well production, has been widely studied, tested and applied both home and abroad, and shown a bright prospect in oil and gas industry. The emerging technology for stimulation of oil/gas wells·Gas Fracturing can rapidly generate a high pressure gas pulse. This pulse of gas causes the rock to fracture and produces multiple, short(5¢:i20 ft.) fractures, radiating from the well-bore; Another benefit of Gas Fracturing is the reduction in pressure drop at the well-bore which can reduce solids dropping out of the flowing phase into the pore spaces(e.g.: paraffin, scale, etc.). This paper summarizes the achievements of our effort on research and application of the technology. In theory, we will describe the acting mechanism, the forming fractures mechanism and stimulation mechanism of Gas Fracturing. Laboratory results and field evidence will be presented to validate those theory. Application of the Gas Fracturing technique will be outlined. It will refer to many aspects, such as exploration, production, injection and ultra-deep wells.

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