The Chuc-A production platform produced an average of 59,200 BPD until October 24th 1997, in this date a fire happened when installing a separator. This oil volume corresponds to the 43% of the field total production. Once the fire was controlled, the personnel of the Drilling Management and Wells Maintenance proceeded to inspect the area with propose to prepare a plan to control wells.

In this paper the operative program and the developed activities to mend wells are shown, incorporating them to production. The activities have been divided in three stages: a) wells control after damage and change of valves to the production trees damaged by fire, leaving them in safe conditions, b) control of wells for the Chuc-A platform restoration and c) Tubing recovery, cut and change of wellheads and production trees, tubing pipe introduction and new subsuperficial safety valves (SSV), stimulation, production surveys, and beginning of the production. Besides, a list of materials, services, safety equipment, logistic and human resources is included which are necessary for the wells recovery.

To carry out the repair operations of all the wells, a total of 387 days was necessary, with a total cost of 15.7 MMUSD, being the rent of equipment the biggest percentage equal to 54.8%. The costs related to services were equal to 4.6 MMUSD, and the costs of materials reached to 2.5 MMUSD. At the end of the operations the eight flowing wells were incorporated to production with similar flow rates to the original ones.

Between the first and the second stage, the wells were set in production during six months while the necessary materials and services were acquired for the final repair of wells.

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