Efficient multistage hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells in tight-gas formations with multilayered and laminated reservoirs is a very challenging subject matter; due to formation structure, required well trajectory, and the ability to establish a conductive and permanent connection between all the layers. BP Oman had initiated the technical journey to deliver an effective horizontal well multistage frac design through learnings obtained during three key pilot horizontal wells. Since these initial wells, additional candidates have been drilled and stimulated, resulting in further advancement of the learning curve.

Many aspects will be covered in this paper, that will describe how to facilitate the most effective hydraulic fracture placement and production performance, under these laminated conditions. These approaches will include the completion and perforation selection, fracture initiation zone selection, fracture height consideration, frac fluid type and design. The paper will go on to describe a range of different surveillance options, including clean-up and performance surveillance as well as number of other factors.

The experiences that have been gained provide valuable insight and learning about how to approach a multistage fracturing horizontal well program in this kind of depositional environment. Additionally, how these lessons can potentially be subsequently adapted and applied to access resources in the more challenging and higher risk areas of the field. For example, this paper will present direct comparison of over and under-displaced stages; differences in execution and production for cased hole and open hole completions; and many other variables that always under discussion for hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells.

This paper describes in detail the results of many multistage fracturing trials by BP Oman in horizontal wells drilled in challenging multilayered and laminated tight-gas reservoirs. These findings may help to cut short learning curve in similar reservoirs in the Middle East Region and elsewhere.

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