PDO operates about 200 deep gas wells in the X field in the Sultanate of Oman, producing commingled from the Barik gas-condensate and Miqrat lean gas reservoir completed by multiple hydraulic fracturing. Their inflow performance relation (IPR) is tracked to diagnose condensate damage, hydraulic fracture cleanup and differential reservoir pressure depletion. The best IPR data is collected through multi-rate production logging but surface production data serves as an alternative. This paper describes the process of deriving IPR's from production logging and surface production data, and then evaluates 20 years of historic IPR data to quantify the impact of condensate damage and condensate cleanup with progressive reservoir pressure depletion, to demonstrate the massive damage and slow cleanup of hydraulic fractures placed in depleted reservoirs, to show how hydraulic fractures facilitate the vertical cross-flow between isolated reservoir intervals, and to highlight that stress-dependent permeability does not play a major role in this field.

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