Reliable information about the inflow composition and distribution in a multilateral well is of great importance and an existing challenge in the oil and gas industry. In this paper, we present an innovative method for dynamic monitoring of inflow profile based on quantum marker technology in a multi-lateral well located in West Siberia.

Marker systems were placed in the well during the well reconstruction by horizontal side tracking with the parent borehole remaining in production. This way of reconstruction allows development of the reservoir drainage area with a lateral hole and bringing the oil reserves from the parent borehole into production, which results in an increased flow rate and improved oil recovery rate. Placement of marker systems into parent borehole and side-track for fluid distribution monitoring allows to evaluate the flow rate from every borehole and estimate the effectiveness of performed well reconstruction.

Marker systems are placed into the parent borehole as a downhole sub installed into the well completion string. For the side-track polymer-coated marked proppant was injected during hydraulic fracturing to place markers.

The developed method was reliably used for an accurate and fast determination of the inflow distribution in a multi-lateral well which allows more efficient field development and also enabled us to provide effective solutions for following challenges:

  1. Providing tools for timely water cut diagnostics in multilateral wells and information for water shut-off method selection;

  2. Selecting the optimal well operating mode for effective field development and premature flooding prevention in one or both boreholes;

  3. Evaluating whether well construction was performed efficiently, and an increased production rate was achieved;

  4. Leading to a considerable economic savings in capital expenditure.

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