Khazzan is a tight to low-end conventional gas field in the Sultanate of Oman. The target reservoir is a series of stacked sandstones with highly stressed, intercalated mudstones, which may provide baffles and barriers to vertical stimulation growth.

Calibrated petrophysical and geomechanical models are integrated within stimulation models to provide high confidence in stimulation geometry. Radioactive (RA) Tracer logs have been used on key wells throughout the development to determine stimulation height growth beyond and within the perforated interval.

Multi-stage stimulations deviating from the standard completion design may be required as the development covers an increasingly larger area. The calibrated stimulation models guide the completion design to ensure the resources are adequately stimulated.

Sensitivities on gross thickness, reservoir quality and fluids are performed, along with the timing of the subsequent stimulations, to determine the optimum stimulation strategy. This enables the long-term stimulation strategy to incorporate the right design at the right point in the well lift to maximise the value. Additional insights into horizontal well completions strategies are gained.

The completions petrophysicist provides a key integration point for the multiple disciplines involved in "geo-engineered completions".

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