In a competitive environment and uncertain economic conditions, running flawless operations is becoming an even more acute concern. This is true for any operator and for service companies providing production optimization services. To this end, a digital oilfield program was implemented across several assets as part of an operations excellence program.

The operations excellence program was designed as a vehicle to maximize the performance of operations and implement a common culture in the assets. This comprehensive program covers all main operational processes of the asset. Each of the domains is addressed from the point of view of processes, people, and management systems, to implement best practices and achieve a common culture. A well-defined methodology enforces the change.

The digital oilfield program was designed from the beginning as an essential element of the operations excellence program, one with impact on the work processes and value generated by the assets. It comprises a standard that defines the minimum requirements, an implementation methodology, a technical guidance, and audits. When combined, these programs provide efficient integrated management of the assets.

If the digital oilfield is usually seen as a technical project focusing on infrastructure, its implementation as part of the operations excellence program enables achieving three major objectives: modifying operational practices to take the technology into account, framing the digital oilfield to optimize its value, and feeding operations excellence with reliable data to maximize decision quality.

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