Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are converging as integration from the real-time to the enterprise gains ground across many industries. This paper focuses on accelerating the convergence of IT and OT to deliver increased safety, efficiency and productivity in the petroleum industry resulting from harmonizing processes, aligning technologies and enhancing governance.

We start by contextually defining IT vs. OT to highlight key attributes of these capabilities as information technology vs. digital capability used in process operations. With this context and differentiating attributes of our industry, we discuss the need and present means to align business strategy, process capabilities, technical disciplines, work processes, and organizational models to achieve value in convergence – specifically, business and operational change management needed to realize better decision support through improved visibility, discovery, predictability and optimization.

After presenting a structured approach to assess maturity and plan for convergance within the framework of existing and new digital oilfiled initiatives, we propose a way forward as a change management process. We conclude our discussion by presenting a recent example to highlight collaboration across the ecosystem to foster integration across disciplines, and enable utilization of internal and external expertise.

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