It has been said, "Change is difficult. Not changing can be fatal." In today's ever-changing business environment, we are required to change and adapt quickly. If we then add additional factors such as complex, transformational projects across distance and function, change becomes even more difficult. Finding ways to effectively manage change within your organization by leveraging Change Agent Networks can be a means to facilitate an organization's ability to evolve and change for the future.

In intelligent energy projects where people, process, and technology must come together to enable true transformation, implementing meaningful and sustainable change can be challenging. Building collaborative partners from key stakeholder groups is necessary to bridge gaps that often exist in complex project environments where distance and function serve as additional barriers to project success.

Change Agent Networks are groups of individuals representing the target audience of a project. When identified early on, they can provide critical input and support to a project throughout design and development activities to ensure the solution satisfies the needs of the business and ultimately delivers business value. Further participation in implementation and beyond can help to ensure the project is received positively by the business and that business results are reported.

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