The Breagh tight gas field is located in the Southern North Sea and currently delivers gas from 8 wells via a normally unmanned installation (NUI) to a processing facility in Teesside. In the coming years there is scope to install a second NUI and drill an additional nine wells. Platform and onshore sensors deliver high-frequency pressure, temperature, and flow rate data for each well, in addition to key facility data.

The high volume and variable quality of this high frequency and real time data directly affects the way in which daily engineering activities are performed. Originally, the engineering team used conventional methods of data handling, storage and management, including manual manipulation, and spreadsheet computations. This was a time consuming exercise which led to excessive replication of data and a lack of audit trail behind the data used for any analysis.

Allocation of field production to individual wells is a key production engineering workflow. The flow rate data is the prime input for every piece of analysis conducted by the reservoir engineering team; decline curve analysis, rate and pressure transient analysis, material balance and history matching the numerical simulation model. The results of this analysis directly impacts upon routine production strategy & optimisation, workovers, well planning, future development strategy and reserves. The platform Venturi flow meters have proven unreliable throughout the production life of Breagh, leading to the evaluation of several alternative allocation methods, all of which are manual and time intensive.

This paper presents workflows for production data management and production allocation. Various production allocation methods are used and this paper demonstrates the impact of data accuracy on long-term development decisions, and short term interventions due to flow assurance issues. Thereby, the asset team can shift from a reactive, to a proactive position and generate value for the business.

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