Technological strides are reshaping the world each day. Computational advancements are challenging the conventional ways of carrying out our day to day tasks. The process of simulation has been absorbed by industries all across as the next natural step for growth and the drilling industry is no exception to it. The rate of acceptance and innovation in drilling domain has not been able to keep up pace with other industries. Simulation in drilling is facing challenges which are not unique therefore spin off technologies from other industries can be borrowed to bridge the gap.

The paper discusses the present state of simulation in the drilling industry as an aid to improving the overall performance along with making new technological advancements possible. The present state of practices and how they are bound to play a major role in the future are discussed. The report further enlists the industries analogous to drilling process and points out similarities with industries like aviation or acoustics, so that their learnings can be applied to the drilling processes and thereby shortening its learning curve. Whereas hindrances to successful implementation ranging from high table to rotary table time span for a technology to the cultural barriers still exist, expectations from simulation are bound to increase as the industry shifts from the conventional well on paper to a well on simulator approach. The way ahead for the drilling industry is to be open to changes and embrace them for their own good.

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