Recently, there have been significant enhancements for well control training. Accidents have motivated and necessitated this improvement. As a result of accident investigation, the IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) recommended to define, develop and implement enhanced technical and behavioral practices for well control training coupled with evaluation and certification of the recognized industry certifying bodies. Implementation of these recommendations and improvements is the topic treated in this paper.

These enhancements address best practices and add the topic "human factors" to the course. Human factors refer to situational awareness, decision-making, teamwork and dynamics, leadership, communication and performance shaping factors. This paper also outlines traditional well control training. Traditional well control training has typically four levels, each with its own materials, and thereby targets various drilling professionals with different roles on the rig. The highest level course is designed for supervisors, and is required in order to participate in the new IWCF (International Well Control Forum) accredited Enhanced Well Control course. The Enhanced Well Control course has been developed with the accreditation body (IWCF), a drilling contractor (Seadrill) and a training provider (Maersk Training). Having representation of these three entities maximizes the effectiveness of this training in that the interests of the end user, the accreditor and, of course, the service provider are all met within a common and agreed upon framework. Enhanced Well Control incorporates expanded scenarios (setting of cement, running casing, and unconventional well kill methods), specific practices and exercises and behavioral responses. Many topics are covered with focus on teamwork, leadership, decision-making and situational awareness. Case studies and customized scenarios are also treated. These developments in well control training provide a safer and more productive drilling environment.

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