Intelligent Energy solutions have been successfully adopted by many operators with documented benefits. Still challenges remain, such as weak cross-discipline collaboration, sub-optimal decision making, and an inability to effectively learn from experience. Hence, enterprise IE - achieving better collaboration across discipline silos - remains an important challenge. "Top down" ways of obtaining enterprise IE include co-locating function teams, integrated planning, business process management, and information management and standardization.

In this contribution we describe a pragmatic "bottom up" software solution that supports collaborative IE on an enterprise level, serving both departmental functional silos and their need to coordinate with other parts of the organization (both onshore and offshore). The solution builds on well proven enterprise social media technology, augmented with a carefully designed set of integrated collaboration tools. The latter include case management, information sharing, document management, task and workflow support, Outlook/Lync integration, decision support, and more.

The solution was successfully deployed at the onshore operations center of a major North Sea field. We provide details and experience from rollouts in three separate but interlinked areas:

  • Monitoring the condition of offshore gas turbines and supporting maintenance decisions

  • Supervising drilling operations, logging and following up well interventions

  • Managing and optimizing production from a large multi-well field

In each case we describe how the IE solution supports the natural way of working of the involved personnel, making their work day more productive and enjoyable. We also describe how the solution enables improved coordination on a practical level across functions, e.g. when maintenance decisions need to be coordinated with production plans. Finally, we assess operational and business related benefits of the IE solution, and discuss possible future extensions of our work.

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