Demonstrate how to improve well delivery performance by strengthening discipline integration at key decision points. This draws on insight from implementing a well delivery process at Maersk Oil.


This paper analyses well delivery team performance, identifying issues and success factors through 30+ interviews and feedback from 100+ practitioners. It identifies five decision points with the greatest performance improvement potential. The study consistently found Subsurface/Wells integration challenges at the heart of issues, decisions and success stories.

It presents methods to systematically strengthen integration at each decision to improve performance. It defines enablers for effective integration, including learnings from prior projects and subject matter experts. The approach was implemented globally in all 2015/16 projects.

Results and Conclusions

Integration was strengthened through activities leading up to each decision. This covers deliverables, peer reviews, freezes and gates. For deliverables, this required clearer expectations and divisions of responsibilities. Peer reviews were adjusted to force trade-off debates and fulfil sharper requirements. Freeze points were created representing leadership commitment to minimise re-work. The gates were reinforced to drive cross-discipline integration and finalise decisions.

These integration activities aren't effective in isolation. They depend on enablers: building a robust case for integration, up-front collaboration, communicating the intent and cross-discipline leadership commitment. The paper describes best practices for each and how they fit together.

By strengthening integration and implementing enablers, project teams have improved efficiency, risk management and decision quality. The results are quantified with metrics and supported by examples and interviews.

Novel Information

Novelty lies in the systematic approach to strengthening cross-discipline integration at decision points. This goes beyond existing literature in scope and specificity. Operators can apply this to improve performance. The approach can be applied to other decision points, disciplines and capital project processes.

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