Total E&P UK (TEPUK) operates a diverse portfolio of both surface and subsea fields in the UK continental shelf. Despite a wide variety of technical design, well architecture and operating conditions of these assets it is of the upmost importance to be able to manage the wells integrity consistently at all times.

As the role of the Well Integrity Engineer continues to expand and mature within the industry, a greater focus is being given to the ability of tools utilised by the responsible engineers and the organisation to be able to quickly interrogate the Well Integrity Management database and provide concise support to well operations.

Having recognised the importance of robust well integrity management, TEPUK set an objective to increase its organisational understanding of well integrity through the use of effectively presented data.

A systematic approach to well integrity related data collection and structured archiving through the use of a single point central software system is key to ensuring that the required information is readily available and easily extractable to an organisation. This can however lead to a complex database that may be troublesome for an untrained user to navigate and interpret to find the ‘right information’. Through standard pre-generated reporting formats, personnel training and education, and a simple user interface that displays a collection of the critical information, an organisation's culture can be transformed, leading to a clearly visible increase in understanding.

This paper presents examples of the results observed that clearly demonstrate not only an increased understanding, but also an increasing sense of ownership of the tasks related to wells and subsequent management of their integrity.

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