Automated procedures sound simple and yet they have not been used in the past by many of the so-called continuous industries, including upstream. As the upstream industry is looking more and more at moving to unmanned remote operations, this paper will show how major operators have obtained both operational and safety benefits by using procedure management techniques.

Procedures can be operated manually, semi-automatically and automatically. Modular Procedural Automation analyses the best practices of major operators and syntheses them into repeatable procedures. They are then presented in a format that operators can easily identify and act upon or they can be run automatically, even from a remote location.

Major owner/operators, including one major GOM operator, have found substantial savings by using procedure automation techniques. This paper will give illustrations of the benefits obtained by several owner operators by using procedure management and it will also look at the aircraft and medical industries to show how procedures have helped to improve their operations and ensure consistency and repeatability.

After the Deepwater Horizon incident major GOM operators are turning to procedure management techniques to ensure safer and more efficient operations. In terms of innovation, several of the major operators both onshore and offshore are looking at ways to operate facilities remotely and unmanned. A key requirement for this to be achieved in my opinion is the use of automated procedures

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