Technology has always been a major success factor when it comes to M&A deals in the Oil and Gas Industry. A systematic approach towards handling the Technology side of the equation is essential in making M&A deals a success through identification of integration opportunities, disjointed processes, preparation of the unified platform for companies to merge and also provide the required support for unified platforms to split and build separate processes, system instances and applications.

However, in a traditional set up most of the deal making team’s attention goes into the financial due-diligence, Asset Valuation, Operational Integration and strategic alignment while technology is left behind. This obviously needs to change for the better not only because Technology has always had a major role to play in M&A deals but also because of the rising trends of Digital and new technologies in Oil and Gas. The new trends have enabled Technology supported by Digital to be one of the most valuable tools in making M&A deals a success.

The plethora of technologies Digital brings to the table allows it to play a major role in identifying, shaping and finally closing any M&A deal through accurate and timely data using the power of connectedness and real time data availability. A new structure will soon come into effect encompassing Digital as a major player in the Oil and Gas M&A space.

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