The center of excellence concept is worldwide associated to new software, tools and technologies that help the team to pursue excellence in a particular area.

The increasing use of sensors and gauges in the Oil and Gas field drove eni to develop internally the Center of Excellence for Electrical Submersible Pumps, to monitor and interact directly with the worldwide Business Units and to address the ESP issues.

The tool and all the technologies behind had been developed by the Artificial Lift team, under the Completion Department, thanks to the strong effort of the IT Department in San Donato Milanese, Italy.

The Center of Excellence (from now CoE) gives mainly the following information for each well:

  • Pump details and operative parameters

  • Well surface data

  • Key Performance Indicators

All the data are collected in real time and the team can visualize any variables to perform a detailed analysis.

The CoE system is a web-based tool that is available on the eni intranet, and provide the possibility to store well-related documentation.

The most important advantage given by the CoE is the possibility to navigate through the KPIs, easily adaptable based on the field experience.

One of the analyses possible in the CoE consists of comparison of the real-time pump intake and discharge pressures and the relevant simulated values retrieved from the Prosper model stored in the CoE system.

In case of mismatch, a notification will be generated and will be sent to the technicians (via mail).

Once the wells that are producing with KPIs out of the desired range have been identified, the Artificial Lift team can immediately take corrective actions.

Presently the tool is fully operative for 20 wells in Alaska, and for 1 well in Italy and for 20 wells in Iraq and the process is ongoing to have other eni BUs online.

Definitely the CoE could be helpful to optimize the operation and to analyze the wells in a smarter way than in the past.

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