As drilling becomes more intelligent, barriers associated with data security are increasingly encountered. Such data security barriers often proliferate many times faster than the drilling technology itself. The drilling industry needs to be able to efficiently and effectively adapt and expand to address these barriers, protect their assets, and continue to meet the needs of both operators and contractors.

Rig assets, in this case, data, are extremely valuable, and any loss, corruption, or theft can translate into potential safety hazards, significant monetary damages, and negative impacts to their business. Today’s climate brings to the forefront hacktivists and nation state hackers who infringe on these assets. As technology improves, the accuracy, rapidity, and remote accessibility of data must be capitalized on to ensure data security. Furthermore, education, training, and utilizing the "right" standards according to the needs of the rigsite are critical to the safety and production of the well and its data. There is a great need to eliminate security obscurity. Educating users at the rig and knowing how to operate under a particular set of standards or security measures can make all the difference in having a compromised or protected rig. Understanding the type of monitoring and security needed for 10,000 users/employees is different than for 100 users. The collaboration between the management and groups working to secure the assets must adapt adequately to address and prepare for the potential obstacles that may occur down the road.

This paper addresses the issues organizations must be recognizing to avoid this obscurity. Implementing the right training, education, and security practices will enable real--time security of data management and monitoring to be more sound and robust, permitting the intelligent decision--making required to ensure that the rigsite’s needs are met and the information required for analysis continues to be acquired uninterruptedly and securely.

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