Reservoir simulation models are used extensively to model complex physics associated with fluid flow in porous media. Such models are usually large with high computational cost. The size and computational footprint of these models make it impractical to perform comprehensive studies which involve thousands of simulation runs. Uncertainty analysis associated with the geological model and field development planning are good examples of such studies.

In order to address this problem, efforts have been made to develop proxy models which can be used as a substitute for a complex reservoir simulation model in order to reproduce the outputs of the reservoir models in short periods of time (seconds).

In this study, by using artificial intelligence techniques a Grid-Based Surrogate Reservoir Model (SRMG) is developed. Grid- based SRM is a replica of the complex reservoir simulation models that is trained, calibrated and validated to accurately reproduce grid block level results. This technology is applied to a CO2 sequestration project in Australia.

This paper presents the development of the reservoir simulation model and the Grid-based SRM. The SRM is able to generate pressure and gas saturation at the grid block level. The results demonstrate that this technique is capable of generating the reservoir simulation output very accurately within seconds.

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