A successful approach to developing digital oilfield opportunities in asset management for specific production sites has been achieved with early engagement of asset leaders and cross-discipline engineering and operations work forces that directly benefit from enabling new capabilities. After workflow limitations are summarized, vetted and prioritized, a vision for technology-enabled improved asset performance is developed based on identified opportunities. An execution plan is agreed upon and a multi-discipline steering team comprised of members from the production unit, the asset team and digital technology advisors stewards the effort to ensure a satisfactory deliverable.

Critical success factors to ensure digital technologies are embedded and sustained include: 1) supportive leadership, 2) targeted review of asset business drivers and technical engagement practices, 3) comprehensive change management plan for work transformation and new behaviors, 4) robust user support model, and 5) process for identification and capture of key performance indicators, including benefits reported by users. Successful results of this ‘targeted business case approach’ are shared with other production sites to enable quick-wins for other assets. Learnings from each implementation experience are assessed and used to improve deployment at the next site and achieve a strategic global deployment model.

This paper will examine digital technology implementations where business leaders were engaged to improve targeted business cases for improved asset surveillance. Benefits, challenges and learnings from experiences to develop digital oilfield opportunities will be highlighted.

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