The new Completion data-object is an XML specification for describing a well completion throughout its life. It is part of the WITSML and PRODML industry data-exchange standards. Using the object, well completion data can be accurately, reliably, and consistently exchanged between the many software applications used to plan, manage, and record work on a completion over a well’s life. This paper describes the business case and value of the Completion data-object, explains the solution, and presents details and examples about how it can be used and implemented.

Over a well’s life, the completion configuration is typically changed many times. This work involves changes in operational "ownership" between different companies (e.g., operator and service companies) and different departments (e.g., drilling and completions, production operations, and workover teams). For safer and efficient operations, it is vital that the team taking over knows the current completion configuration. Drilling and operations organizations use different software systems from different vendors. The transfer of completions data between these systems can be a very manual process, involving reformatting or even re-entering all data into the new system—which is inefficient and introduces opportunities for errors, jeopardizing safety and schedules.

The use cases addressed by the new Completion data-object support specific workflows and requirements, including: "Snap Shot" of a completion at any instant, supporting "what is the current status?"; "Change Log" representing events and changes to a completion between one time and another, supporting "what has changed?"; and "Cumulative History" for all data over the completion’s life for synchronization of databases, supporting "give me all the information".

Thus the business drivers for using this data-object include: improving safety, efficiency, data consistency, accuracy, and quality; eliminating multiple data entries; giving faster access to the required data; and reducing reliance on paper well files and spreadsheets.

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