This paper gives an overview of the innovative technology and ISA 99 compliant architecture that was used to implement a high availability realtime drilling data hub on a recent project in the Caspian along with proposed refinements for future deployments.

Real-time monitoring of key surface and down-hole parameters is becoming an essential part of gaining the privilege to operate a drilling campaign. In 2009 a pilot project was started to develop a new architecture to transform the way drilling data was captured and stored. The project was successful and began operation in Q4 2013. The main objectives of the project were:

  1. Implement an ISA99 (cyber security) compliant architecture for data capture and remote access

  2. Provide a vendor neutral single source for all realtime and historic drilling data on the platform

  3. Make this data available to anyone anywhere within the company

  4. Drive the implementation of WITSML for all interfaces

The objectives were met and the result is a consistent history of all wells that is now forming the basis of learning and continuous improvement. The final solution is based on a virtualised architecture with a fully redundant infrastructure engineered from the ground up to maximise the amount of remote support and minimise the impact on the offshore organisation.

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