This paper presents an ongoing work in on the future of telemedicine in O&G. There has been a huge development in the use of video consultation between remote patients and the doctors. We believe the future of telemedicine in O&G will add to this workflow by investigating how we can transfer visual medical data between "offshore nurses" and "medical experts" at hospitals onshore in order to improve diagnostics and treatment. We will describe a decision support system that supports an optimal workflow and collaboration, between medics onshore and offshore. The goal is to make better and faster medical decisions, and improve the quality of healthcare offshore.

The oil companies have much of the same structure and same challenges in remote medical treatment. We investigate an optimal workflow including how technology supports a new telemedicine work process by transmitting very high quality information (e.g. ultrasound images) to the cardiovascular medical experts.

We will review our work on developing a prototype "on the go" solution between medics offshore and the medical experts onshore at the hospital. The concept will be based on a Pad/PC solution capturing the ultrasound image transmission between the user and experts, a systematic work process and a knowledge base integrated in the Pad/PC "on the go solution". With optimal workflow it should not take more than 5-7 minutes from the starting point to have a decision from the medical expert. This will improve diagnostics, medical safety and health quality on offshore installations.

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