Implementing digital oilfield concepts and realizing value from their mainstream use and operations has been discussed openly for the last six years or more, and there is now some evidence to suggest the value portrayed in early success stories could not be sustained. Case studies from Intelligent Energy Conferences underscore that digital oilfield maturity remains highly variable between and within organizations. This paper attempts to investigate what it takes to improve digital oilfield maturity, and is a companion paper to SPE-167832 which deals directly with what the key attributes of digital oilfield maturity are and its use across a portfolio of projects. To find guidance in how to deliver high digital oil field maturity projects, this paper suggests that some relevant lessons were built into the 1984 supernatural comedy film "Ghostbusters". The movie provides parallels to the issues of digital oilfield maturity related to people, process, technology, strategy, and governance. Insights span issues ranging from moving to higher levels of maturity from a new vision driven business model, adoption of new step out technologies, customer engagement and change management challenges, demands for results in a world of complex operational decisions, all interacting in a political environment.

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