This paper describes the continued & increasing impact of WITSML on the Drilling & Workover real time operations. The Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) is an Industry Standard that is used for transmitting GeoTechnical Data from the Wellsite to specialised databases. Saudi Aramco has been and remains to be the largest user of WITSML and is the Leader in the development of innovative techniques that improve Well Safety and Efficiency.

Saudi Aramco Drilling & Exploration teams have commenced a project of Picking Shallow Casing Points Remotely from their corporate offices. From past experiences we found that sending wellsite geologists to rig sites to select these Casing Points has always required people which could be utilized for other frontline exploration jobs. Due to the remote locations Saudi Aramco are also eliminating the risks associated with these field trips. Saudi Aramco teams determined to utilize the real-­‐time data transfer and pick those shallow Casing Points from the office. Across these shallow sections, loss circulation is more likely to happen which means rate of penetration (ROP) data is the only entity that we depend on in order to pick these shallow Casing Points. Based on this understanding, and based on the fact that we can easily get the ROP data of the pilot well and also having ROP data of the offset wells, we see the great benefit of starting such project. In this trial project, Drilling, GOC (Geosteering Operations Center) and exploration teams were able to pick the formation tops to set the shallow casing point remotely from a few fields. This critical requirement was achieved by using AramcoLink’s Real-­‐Time software that collects and transmits surface parameters data.

This Paper will address the important operational aspects that were implemented and demonstrate how this innovative technique has led to improved employee safety and operational cost savings.

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