In today's economic environment, oil and gas companies are continuously challenged by a combination of ma-turing fields (yielding less while requiring more attention), coupled with increasing human resource scarcity.

This situation is creating higher costs per barrel and changing economic viabilities for development projects around the world. One way to improve economics is to introduce new efficiency gains that reduce non productive time (NPT), reduce well construction times, and, therefore, minimize costs.

The Factory Drilling* approach for field development has demonstrated significant benefits when applied to a well-known field that has consistent well programs and reduced uncertainties. This new way of conducting drilling operations is enabled by real-time data, seamless integration of services, application of suitable technology specific to mature fields, remote operations, multi-tasking of personnel, and fit-for-project rigs. The concept has been successfully piloted in Mexico, on the above-mentioned field, and deployed in twelve land rigs simultane-ously during 2009 and 2010.

This paper describes what was done, how it was done and summarizes key results. Since then, other projects have implemented the same model (with some variations) in other parts of the world.

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