The first decade of Smart Fields in Shell focused on the new technologies, making business cases and implementing the technologies as widely as feasible. This has led to major contributions to the bottom line, as shown in the Smart Fields Value Assessment. Entering the second decade, the focus of the Smart Fields programme is on accelerating the implementation of new technologies across assets in a way that value generation is sustained. To understand the key drivers and pitfalls in global implementation of technologies, a ‘Sustain’ methodology was developed which provided insight in where these successes and improvement areas are. Building on the results from the ‘Sustain’ assessments, the approach and focus of the roadmap ‘from technology to commodity’ was adjusted to deliver robust and sustainable deployment and continued value creation of Smart Fields technologies. This paper describes the methodology and steps which enables Smart Fields in Shell to achieve this in the digital oilfield, by deepening the integration in subsurface and surface management

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