New frontiers in deep water oil exploration have imposed a number of challenges for the oil industry. One of these challenges is to provide high service level to the oil platforms and drilling units to keep them operating 24/7 in the most cost effective manner. Thousands of people have to be transported to and from the platforms on a monthly basis and also food, maintenance parts, diesel and other fluids. Helicopters and special vessels are used. Drilling operations require allocation of very expensive equipments and their needs are sometimes less predictable. Complex onshore logistics, composed of suppliers, warehouses, ports, heliports, etc. are required to support the offshore operations. Currently, most of the offshore logistics are still conducted in a traditional way, breaking the logistics chain in silos with little synchronization across the entire process. The proposed approach enables a paradigm change, bringing together the concept of integrated operations, leading supply chain practices and advanced enabling technologies. The concepts presented are being discussed and adopted by leading offshore operators. Dramatic improvement in service levels and significant cost reduction can be realized, enabling the offshore operators to achieve logistics excellence.

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