A dynamic real-time drilling simulator which includes all parameters essential to the well and drillstring system, is able to reproduce actual drilling with high precision. Examples of parameters are mud viscosity and density, borehole diameter, etc. It is however a challenge to collect all these parameters and the result of which can be misleading information for the drilling crew, increased NPT and increased risk of accidents.

Networked enabled drillstrings or wired drill pipe allow sensors to be positioned along the drillstring presenting a new opportunity for collecting and calibrating parameters not just from the BHA, but along the entire length of the wellbore up to surface.

This paper addresses the challenges in measuring and extracting downhole parameters for updating dynamic real-time models using the broadband network and establishes methods to integrate broadband drilling data into the critical real-time decisions performed by the wellsite and shore-based crews, while assuring trust in the conclusions from the data. Multiple measurements by several distributed sensors over time and under different conditions can be used to extract the crucial model parameters. This scheme can deal with sensor faults and distinguish a sensor fault from a kick or other unwanted events.

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