Following the successful paper "Smart Oil and the Development of the Networked Organisation", Chapman and Forbes 2010, SPE 128452 this paper goes beyond the Networked Organisation to explore the role of suppliers and partners in the extended enterprise. To date oil and gas organisations have implemented a number of intelligent energy solutions within their own organisations, the next logical step is to extend these into supplier and partner organisations, the extended enterprise.

Global integration and smart oil will require both technology, and further significant people, process and organisational change to make it successful. The extended enterprise will raise new challenges such as sharing information across company boundaries and compensation for services. This paper examines the challenges specific to supplier and partner collaboration and the latest thinking on:

  • How do business processes need to change in the extended enterprise and how can intelligent energy solutions speed up execution of these processes?

  • How do supplier and partner relationships need to change in the extended enterprise?

  • How do you extend expertise leverage and community based working outside your organization into the extended enterprise?

  • What are the practical problems and how can they be overcome?

  • Have other industries addressed these challenges and what can be learnt from them?

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